Friday, May 21, 2010

1st Trip

We sailed this week for the first time. The water is normally in the 30s in May, but this year it is already up in the 50s! That means it is like summer out there. The trip went very well on Egret. We sailed out to Long Island, anchored, and two couples rowed to shore for an hour of this beautiful wild beach. The sail back required a little help as the wind was light, but we sailed most of the way.

We are getting a daily lake breeze. It is the same as a sea breeze. The air warms up over the land, rises and draws in the cool air over the Lake. It starts at about 10am and lasts until late afternoon. By early July, it is all over, but it makes for wind almost every day until then. Some days, there are even whitecaps. There are certain spots where the lake breeze is best, others where it is calm. The feel of the moist lake air on a sunny hot day is an unforgettable Great Lakes experience.

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