Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More boats in!

We put Egret in a couple weeks ago and I got some pictures of it. A large crane picks up the boat and gently sets it in the water. It made me nervous the first couple times having all that boat swinging through the air, but now I am used to it and often help guide her into place.
The keel has 7500 lbs of lead in it and you can see it here hanging below the boat. The sole purpose of the weight--called ballast--is to keep you from tipping over when the wind blows hard. The further you lean the more the keel acts to keep you up!

Egret is such a beautiful boat, I couldn't help taking a picture at the dock. The name Egret comes from a friendly Great Egret that watches us in Florida on our yearly March trip to the Panhandle area. Emma and Greta, our daughters names, combined makes Egret!

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  1. It's so much fun to read your new posts. I enjoyed the 4th graders trip and each additional one.
    The night sky is a fantastic video; what a picture! Did you see anything like that in the sky recently? It sure would be fun to be out sailing on a night like that.