Wednesday, May 26, 2010

4th Graders

Today we took my daugther's 4th Grade class out sailing. The energy from a group of 4th graders is more powerful than a hurricane. I had the girls, plus their wonderful teacher Ms. Kouba and Captain Andrew took the Boys, along with Mr. Lemmler. They fought over who could steer next, and whose turn it was to go up on deck. The water was measured today at 64 degrees, which is warmer than all of last summer! They took turns putting their feet in as we sailed along. They want to go faster, lean over more and be more daring. What a change since 3rd grade, when they all screamed when we heeled over a little! This small town has the greatest kids!

The North Coast Community Sailing program visited school today, so we piggy-backed with them. What a great organization. I hope some of the kids take advantage of their program this summer and learn how to sail.
Feels like summer in the Apostle Islands already!

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